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Faizan Mehmood

Real Estate Consultant
Faizan Mehmood is a valuable asset as a Real-Estate Consultant at Property Express. With h ...

Maryam Shafiq

Real Estate Consultants
Maryam Shafiq is an experienced realtor with over 5 years of experience, specializing in p ...

Absar Tanveer

Real Estate Constultant
Meet Absar Tanveer, a dedicated Real Estate Consultant at Property Express. With extensive ...

Ali Raza Malik

Real Estate Consultant
Meet Ali Raza Malik, a skilled realtor affiliated with Property Express, bringing a wealth ...

Salman Maqsood

Real Estate Consultant
Salman Maqsood is an accomplished realtor at Property Express, a renowned real estate comp ...

Usama Zahid

Real Estate Consultant
Usama Zahid is a seasoned realtor with four years of experience at Property Express, a pro ...

Tanveer Iqbal

Real Estate Consultant
As a key figure at Property Express, Tanveer Iqbal plays a pivotal role in providing clien ...

Moeez Shahid

Real Estate Consultant
Moeez Shahid is a highly skilled Real Estate Consultant at Property Express, a prominent 3 ...

Hafiz M Usama Khan

Real Estate Consultant
Hafiz M Usama Khan is a highly skilled and dedicated realtor at Property Express, a leadin ...

Moeez Tahir

Real Estate Consultant
Meet Moeez Tahir, an award-winning real estate agent at Property Express. With more than 5 ...

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